Top Auto Insurance Companies

When one buys a new car or vehicle, the first thing that one would hope and wish would be for it to be away from any kind of damage. But, this is not always possible, which is why auto insurance is very important. Getting your car or vehicle insured is the best way to save yourself the heavy costs that are incurred in case of any damage that is caused to the vehicle. Auto insurance cover expenses of damage caused to the vehicle in case of accidents, theft, fire, etc. To be more precise, getting an auto insurance is as good as buying yourself some peace of mind.

Top Auto Insurance Companies
To get the best deal for your auto insurance and to be sure that your vehicle gets maximum coverage, it is essential that you get your auto insurance from one of the top rated auto insurance companies. The rates at these companies may be slightly higher than the rest of the auto insurance companies, but, it would be certainly worth the excellent service that they provide you with. These companies rank amongst the top 10 auto insurance companies due to their features like roadside assistance, round-the-clock customer support, discounts at auto shops and auto dealers, promotions and updates, regular billing schedule, etc. Not only is it convenient to deal with such companies, it also gives you a good value for your money. Here's a list of top auto insurance companies that you can choose from depending upon your specific needs and budget.

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies

No. 1: 21st Century Auto Insurance
This is one of the very well-known auto insurance companies and features in most of the top auto insurance company lists. It is dedicated to quality customer service and focuses on auto insurance that is 'just right' for its customers. It also has tie-ups with other insurance companies in America through which it offers other insurances like renters insurance, term life insurance, flood insurance, etc.

No. 2: Esurance Auto Insurance
One of the fastest growing insurance companies in America, Esurance auto insurance company believes in offering easy, hassle free ways to buy insurance. They work not only to provide insurance policies to their customers, but also to educate them about the policy. They are also backed by strong online security and finances, which makes them a lot more reliable than other auto insurance companies.

No. 3: GEICO
This is a top insurance company and was first started for the U.S. military personnel and government employees, so, aptly named 'Government Employees Insurance Company'. Today, it provides its services to a whole lot of customers, that is, around 9 million customers and more than 16 million vehicles. It is known to offer the best auto insurance quotes and other types of insurance to its customers. No wonder it ranks in the top rated auto insurance companies list.

No. 4: Progressive Auto Insurance
This company has been around in the top rated auto insurance companies list for a long time now. Established in 1937, the company strives to provide the best auto insurance coverage to customers who are looking for affordable, good quality customer service and a good auto insurance coverage for their vehicle. Customers can buy the policies online or even over the phone.

No. 5: Allstate Auto Insurance
This auto insurance company is well-known for its insurance packages and the coverage customization options that it offers. This enables its customers to opt for the auto insurance coverage that best suits their requirement and budget and also gives them the maximum coverage possible.

No. 6: State Farm Insurance
This company was founded in 1922, by a retired farmer and salesman and has been providing quality auto insurance policies ever since. The company was founded on the value of being fair to its customers, offering them a fair price for the coverage and also a fair claim settlement. The company still continues to follow the foundation laid by the founder and has issued over 75 million auto insurance policies till date. This company sure has made its place to the top 10 auto insurance companies list.

No. 7: Nationwide Auto Insurance
This company is as old as 80 years and had started off as a mutual auto insurer. Today, it is one of the largest financial services and insurance companies in the world with over $135 million statutory assets. This company also provides auto insurance coverage for leased cars and other features like 100% repair guarantee, 24/7 claim services and discounts and offers for its customers.

No. 8: American Family Insurance
This company, too, has been around for more than 80 years, providing the best quality business and services to its customers. It is known to be a reliable and stable insurance company and their mission talks about being 'the most trusted and valued service driven insurance company'. It offers a wide range of products which includes top class and cheap auto insurance coverage and highly knowledgeable advisors. These have helped it rank on the list of top auto insurance companies.

No. 9: Hagerty Auto Insurance
This company ranks on the list of top auto insurance companies because this is an auto insurance company with a difference. The auto insurance that they offer includes collector car insurance and collector boat insurance and it also has customer centric facilities like roadside assistance, low premiums, value coverage, flexible usage, etc.

No. 10: Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance
This company has been in the insurance business since 1912 and has committed itself to provide useful, fairly priced insurance coverage to its customers. This company is the fifth largest P&C insurance company in America and has also earned an 'A' rating for its services. Not surprising that it features on the list of top auto insurance companies.


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