Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage plays a very significant role in covering and insuring your vehicle from all types of unfortunate situations that your car comes in, except accidents and collisions. There are many automobile owners who simply prefer to choose conventional auto insurance policies, and later find themselves in trouble. To protect your car in every possible situation, it is better to opt for both types. Nowadays, both these are available in a single package, however, if you want you may purchase both the insurances individually as well.

What is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?
This, in simple words, is a type of car insurance that insures the vehicle from all kinds of situations that are not caused by accidents while driving. Apart from car crashes and on-road accidents, there are many things that can happen to your vehicle such as theft, damage by fire, floods, and other natural calamities. This is where comprehensive automobile insurance comes into use.

What Does it Cover?
Excluding vehicle accidents, it has a cover for everything. The things covered in this car insurance policy are damage to the car from any animal; falling materials and tree falls; car theft; damage caused by an attempt of larceny; natural disasters like fire, floods, storms, hail, or earthquakes; vandalism; damage during public violence; explosions; and other similar circumstances.

When to Drop It?
If your car is under the protection of comprehensive insurance, and if you decide to drop the coverage, you need to think if it would save money or actually cost you more in the time to come. Car insurance experts suggest that if your yearly premiums exceed 10% more than the base value of the automobile, it is better to drop the coverage. For example, if the total worth of your car is around $4000, and if the annual premium rates are exceeding $400, dropping the coverage is an appropriate alternative.

Difference Between Collision and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
Many people have a misconception that comprehensive and collision auto insurance are the same. Let us find out the difference between the two.

The main difference between these two types of insurance is that the comprehensive insurance covers most of the natural calamities and other unfortunate events as listed above. On the other hand, collision auto insurance has a protection cover for the damage caused by accidents in case of a moving vehicle. It also covers all disbursements which are incurred for a severely damaged car; relating to towing, car repair, and car parts replacement costs. However, if the car is to be repaired due to accidents caused by improper car maintenance, such expenses are not considered in the collision auto insurance.

To protect the car from all problems, it is recommended to avail the best and affordable collision and comprehensive auto insurance coverage. Comprehensive insurance is very essential for people who reside in dangerous areas where there are more possibilities of natural calamities to happen.


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