DUI Auto Insurance

The term 'DUI', basically implies a 'driver under influence'. The DUI auto insurance, is thus an insurance policy that is used in cases when mishaps occur as a result of drivers who are under influence of substances such as alcohol or narcotics and in some cases, it is also referred to as 'drunk driving'. The consequences of a road mishap that is caused due to a driver under influence, are ghastly. The legal system of the United States of America, has started taking up some very strict measures against the phenomenon of driving under influence. Recent cases and court proceedings, have revealed that courts never take the DUI offense lightly.

The legal systems maintains a ruthless approach while dealing with road accidents that have been caused due to carelessness of people, especially if the case happens to be a DUI. Auto insurance and health insurance are supposed to be probably the most important insurance policies that are procured by many people. The auto insurance is one policy that can be legally changed by the insurance company, when it comes to a DUI record.

What is Auto Insurance?

An auto insurance is a policy that provides a coverage for insecurities and mishaps, that tend to damage your car. The auto insurance is a mandatory policy in many jurisdictions throughout the world. The working of such a policy is a pretty simple. The first step to have a car insurance is to apply. The application is followed by an audit, where the insurance company verifies many different factors such as the drivers record, way of driving, specifications of the vehicles and factors that are related to the car such as facility of garage, security locks, safety specifications of the car, etc. After the audit the applicant becomes a holder of insurance policy and is expected to make annual payments, which is known as a premium, to the insurance company. In case of any mishap, the insurance company, compensates the holder with losses, after a quick review of the car. The compensation may be partial or full.

DUI: Auto Insurance Rates

In case of an auto insurance, a very important factor that tends to influence the rate of premium is a DUI. Auto insurance rates increase due to the existence of a record of average DUI. Insurance rates are basically decided, by taking into consideration the driving record of the insured person. A driver under influence is of course a threat to not only himself, but also to the other people on the road. An initial rate of premium is prescribed by the insurance company, when the applicant signs up for the policy. This rate is decided on the basis of different aspects such as the driving record of the applicant and general habits such as, frequency of consumption of alcohol, smoking habits and patters, dependency on narcotics, etc.

During the course of the period of the auto insurance policy, the insurance company, which is also known as the insurer, keeps a strict tab on the criminal and driving record of the insured driver. In case if the driver is found guilty of the offense of DUI, then the insurance is by, law permitted to increase the rate of premium. In addition to that the liability insurance cost also drastically goes up in case if the insured person decides to opt for one. These costs rise steeply due to the fact that, insurance companies view the driver as a 'potential risk' for the roads. In fact, more the cases of DUI, more is the premium rate. As the DUI, is considered to be a serious offense, auto accident settlement (which is borne by the insurance company) also tends to be very expensive.

In some cases, insurance companies have also forfeited the entire policy due to an unacceptable record of DUI. Auto insurance companies basically aim at safeguarding the interest of their client. A record of DUI is however, an irresponsible and careless act, that cannot be insured by any insurer.


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