Medical Coverage on Your Auto Policy

Car accidents can happen at any time to anyone.  They can be devastating and cause unnecessary stress to everyone involved.  If you are injured in a car accident the last thing you will need at that time is a problem with your medical insurance coverage.  Insurance can be a tricky subject.  Sometimes it is hard to determine what is covered under certain policies and what is not.  That is why it is a very good idea to invest in an auto insurance policy that includes medical coverage.  Medical coverage on an auto insurance policy ensures that you will be covered for any injury resulting from a car accident.  Most auto insurance policies that include medical coverage also cover injuries sustained from accidents you may be involved in as a pedestrian. 

Most auto insurance policies that include medical coverage in the event of car accidents cover all passengers in your vehicle at the time of the accident.  If you are involved in a car accident and have two or three passengers in your car at the time, all the medical expenses of yourself and your passengers will be covered by your auto insurance policy.  It does not matter if the car accident is your fault or the fault of another driver, if you are involved in any type of accident where you have medical expenses due to the accident, those expenses will be covered.  Medical expenses can be considerably expensive since they may include everything from ambulance transportation to x-rays to surgery to an extended hospital stay.  No matter what your injuries may be you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about them at the time of the accident.  In addition, medical coverage can cover any additional expenses after your initial injuries have been treated.  If you require long term care following the accident, medical coverage can help with the financial expense of long term care.  If you are left unable to care for your children for a period of time following the accident and must hire child care support, certain auto insurance policies that offer medical coverage can assist in child care finances due to injuries from an accident as well.

If you are not insured at the time of an accident, you will be left relying on other types of insurance.  If you have health insurance you need to figure out what and how much is covered under your policy.  Some health insurance policies only cover portions of medical expenses during major accidents where expenses can run high.  Oftentimes with health insurance, the insurance holder will also need to pay a co-pay when getting professional medical help.  You may want to look into the price of emergency room co-pays, as they are often more than co-pays to a regular doctor’s office.  If you do not have health insurance then considering auto insurance that includes medical coverage is a must.  Car accidents are completely unpredictable.  You and your family could be involved in a car accident at any time.  Just because you drive safely does not mean someone else on the road will be driving safely.  Even if the accident is not your fault, you will still face mountainous medical bills.  Trying to pay them without any type of insurance will be an extremely difficult task that you do not want to be faced with.

Another medical coverage option that many auto insurance policies offer is personal injury protection.  This option of medical coverage in the form of personal injury protection is not offered in every state but if you live in a state where it is offered it may be a smart choice for you.  The difference between regular medical coverage in an auto insurance policy and personal injury protection coverage is that only those people specified to be covered in the policy will be covered in the event of an accident.  Instead of having any passenger in your vehicle being covered by your insurance, only those people who you have specified in your policy and who are in your car at the time of the car accident will have their medical expenses covered by your insurance.  In some cases people do not want those who are not close family members being covered by their insurance.  If this is the case then you may want to opt for personal injury protection, as it allows you to determine which individuals would be covered by your insurance policy in the event of a car accident.


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